Felonies, love, and wine | Washington, D.C.

Well, that was a wild 5 days. After my hiatus from D.C. for the last 7 months I finally came back to visit friends, help record a documentary, and …get married? Almost. Only almost.

I’ve been to D.C. what feels like a million times. It’s probably my most traveled-to city and I’ve already made the rounds through all the expected tourist-y things that one would expect you to visit when going to the nation’s capital. The people I went with though had never been to D.C. It was way more of adventure for them than it was for me, but I had fun regardless.

I met two incredible old friends in the city and after visiting through some of the memories that I had made with them — part of which included a 17 rubber-duck collection from a night in which we had gotten drunk and played the claw machine at an arcade — I was very fortunate to be able to crash on their couches for my miniature vacation.

Following that was a steady barrage of liquor and wine that led to some more small adventures around the city, but always brought us back to one of my friend’s apartments and a hefty amount of wine and wonderful fried food.

After surviving the morning hangovers through a comforting level of the somehow socially acceptable 11am mimosas, we were able to explore the city some more through thrift stores and art shows. Each trip I make to D.C. seems to have something new about it. There is one constant though that I notice every time…

The people.

D.C. is a college town through and through and holy s*** is that noticeable. All the perfectly groomed 19-22 year-old people, dressed in well fitting clothes with their hair well kept and the perfect garb that screams upper middle class. Everyone just seems ridiculously beautiful. It’s not quite the same style of New York City, and maybe that’s one of the little things that bugs me about D.C.

There’s more that happened in D.C. this trip. A lot more. But for now some of those stories will remain classified.

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