Why this blog has been dead the last 6 months

Since I started at mcgarrybowen my time to work on new projects has been cut … drastically. Maybe it’s the fact that this is my first 40+ hour a week job or maybe it’s the challenge of the work itself but I feel like I’ve finally gotten some inspiration back regardless of how much my work-life attempts to get in the way of my actual interests.

I’ve worked on my photography a lot and started looking at the world through a new lens. Pun. But really, I’ve learned how much more important art is as I work in an environment flooded with artists that are adhered to a set of technocratic projects. The creativity of the people in the office seeps through at some points but for the most part a corporate environment can only be so “out there”.

If anyone wants to check out my photography click here. I focus a lot on landscape shots of New York City, but will soon have a trip to Chicago purely to shoot photos (and maybe go to lollapalooza … maybe). I also shoot a lot of my friends bands. I really like candid shots of people as opposed to scripted photo shoots. Real emotion is more interesting.

I’m also returning to school in the fall to begin a new campaign to get my masters in Media Studies and authorship. Thanks Dr. David Gerstner!

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